2012 Tomatoes: Tomato Masters & Tomato Cage Workshop








Photos of two favorite spring talks: Secrets of the Tomato Masters held for the public yearly, and our Chapter workshop; creating Tomato Cages for our own gardens



intern Kelsey welcomes everyone to

Secrets of the Tomato Masters





the talks played to a packed house! Sherry S. talks about different methods Sherry H. talks to the class about plant needs


Bob is the expert on staking and supports    


Susan sold soil thermometers





Don't miss next year's event! Held every spring at the Milwaukie Center. Check the webpage for details: Events Calendar








Chapter members workshop covers growing tomatoes and building a heavy-duty cage to support your plants.




    Taressa shows off her completed cage
Chapter members receive instruction on creating these heavy duty cages for supporting tomatoes. Holly outlines her talk on the board Instructors for the workshop: Bob, Holly and Sherry
Holly and Buzz tools used for the workshop etting instructions in the outdoor building area


Bob give directions on putting the cage together after cutting Rodger prepares a cage for assembly cutting the wire into sections for individual cages



after cutting the ends of the squares are bent to connect the fencing together to make the round cage





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