2011 Mason Bee Workshops




February Workshop October Workshop






In February the workshop is all about creating a place for the Mason Bee's to lay their eggs in the springtime.

Pat Smith explains the project
Demonstrating the drilling process
Class gets busy drilling
Rodger Sanman gives intern Nancy some tips
getting started ...
really moving now!
Barbara shows off her work
Rodger brought some cocoon straws to share
intern Jennie takes a turn
Pat explains how this type of house works
Jennie shows off her work






In October the workshop is all about washing or cleaning the cocoons in preparation for the long winter ahead.

Pat talks to the class about Mason Bee's
A demonstration on removing and cleaning the cocoons
Ron explains a different method for cleaning the cocoons
adding sand to the cleaning jar, cocoons are inside the mesh
shake in a circular motion the clean
cocoons in a box
removing cocoons from a plastic box
Jean gets up close and personal with the cocoons, looking at the parasites and pests. Center photo shows examples of pests and bees, viewed on the computer thru the microscope camera
Marianne looks in the microscope
bee houses
using grape vines for cocoons






Thank you to Jane for the yummy treats, and for organizing this workshop !

some examples of Mason Bee houses



thank you Jane for the use of your photos

all photos © s.andrews and are for the exclusive use of Clackamas County Master Gardeners