July 2010 Field Trip to an

Intercity Working Farm: Zenger Farm



Our chapter had the opportunity to tour " a working urban farm that models, promotes and educates about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all. "


Our tour began here with a view of the grounds

The farm is a 6-acre organic farming operation adjacent to a 10-acre wetland

Walking thru the wetlands area The wetlands are an important part of the Johnson Creek Watershed
Organic garden beds One of several greenhouses with seedlings
View of Red Barn with mural from the lower fields and meadows leading to the wetlands Barn that was once the Mt. Scott Dairy with the turkey yard and orchards in the foreground
We walked along the planted fields Turkeys


Green Farmhouse with planted potatoes

Tour group, note the warehouse in the background, evidence of the intercity location of the farm
Harvested Fennel for sale at the farm Artichokes in the fields (with a ladybug doing her job taking care of pests)
Young gardener returns a chicken that strayed from the movable pen Chickens in the fields, doing their work fertilizing and IPM for the organic crops


all photos © s.andrews for the exclusive use of Clackamas County Master Gardeners